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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Why I Use a Mac (or thank you iMovie/iDVD)

In relation with my previous post, I want to say a few words about why I love using a Mac. For the Bakies, I volunteered to edit my group's movie. I planned to use iMovie, a very nice program that came with my Mac. It was amazingly easy. If you compare the two movie editing programs that come with Windows and Mac OS X (Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, respectively), there is no competition: iMovie is the clear winner.

I've used both of these programs for projects, and have found that Windows Movie Maker is seriously lacking in features. While iMovie has the ability to edit volume, extract audio from video clips, add transitions and effects, and create titles, Windows Movie Maker lacks all of these. Using separate audio from the audio that is part of the video clip is a pain, and doesn't always work the way expected. And while creating simple text requires the use of something such as Flash or Photoshop, while in iMovie it's extremely simple.

I have not even considered iDVD, though. When used in combination with iMovie, it has the ability to create professional DVDs. It's about as simple as it gets. First, in iMovie, you click the iDVD button and assign names and starting times to different scenes in your movie. This is used for iDVD's Scene Selection menu that you see in any DVD worth buying. After you've added all your chapters, you hit the Create iDVD Project button, which will open iDVD with a new project for your movie, complete with Play Movie and Scene Selection buttons. Now you can select a theme and add more to your DVD, such as extras like bloopers. It's a piece of cake. And visiting this site will show you how to get iDVD to burn to an external DVD burner.

Now I need to head to my uncle's house to actually burn the DVD. He's got an external drive, so we'll see how the above hack works.


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