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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Subversion + Apache Headaches

I was recently trying to import my Rails Day application into Subversion on TextDrive's servers. I already had the application running on one of the domains, and I wanted it to be easier to make changes to. So I setup a repository for it: FSFS of course. I import it in by logging in to SSH and making an import with the stuff that is already there. One thing I don't like about Subversion is that it requires you to checkout your source after you've just imported it. This means I must delete the whole directory and perform a checkout. This can cause problems if you're DocumentRoot is pointing towards this directory or you've symlinked it, as I did. Apache goes insane if it can't find the DocumentRoot, even if you aren't accessing it. This is why I was presented with numerous 403 Forbidden errors. Making an empty public_html fixed it all.

Rails day was awesome!

You can view my application at

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Instiki: Wiki at it's best

I have loved Instiki since I discovered it, and I have only just begun to discover the possibilities with it. I have a copy installed on my local system that I am now using to manage my projects. It's easy to create pages and get my thoughts organized. It is by far the simplest wiki I have ever seen, and that is what makes it so flexible. Now I love Basecamp for projects that need collaboration, and that's what Basecamp is made for. But for a simple project I am doing on my own (like my Rails day project), nothing beats Instiki for getting things out of my head and into something concrete.